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Lauren Brown

Self Love & HeartMath Coach



I help women OVERCOME self doubt, make PEACE with their bodies, realize their WORTH, and live heart centered lives.

Feeling insecure in your body? Do you constantly find that you compare yourself to others? Your body, successes, or your life? Do you feel that your worth is tied to your image or achievements? Are you sick and tired of the negative inner dialogue, but don't know how to change it?!

Girl, I FEEL YOU! The journey to self love and acceptance can feel exhausting and out of reach, but it doesn't have to be! It is time to LET GO of limiting beliefs, diet culture and societal norms and truly embrace all that you are! Cuz that girl...the real you, is MAGIC!


My Story

For years, I struggled with body image, self doubt, and truly believing in my worth. I let what others thought of me define me. I tied their opinions and actions to my own worth. Over the years I have put in immense work to rise from this space of unworthiness. I have a passion to EMPOWER women to own their authentic selves. I believe that the best thing you have to offer this world is your true self.

I am a Certified HeartMath Coach, providing practical tools to bring more self awareness and resilience to my clients lives. I have also been a Registered Nurse in the Pediatric ICU for 7 years and have seen firsthand how investing time into your own self awareness, self care & self love can completely transform your life. It's time to truly embody and prioritize YOU! 


My Offerings

Body Image & Self Love Coaching

In this 1:1 coaching program, we will identify your triggers and self limiting beliefs, release them, and replace them with acceptance and confidence.
Loving your body has ZERO to do with your weight, body type, or dress size...and EVERYTHING to do with your mind & heart. We will take a deep dive to adjust mindsets and daily practices to learn to fully embrace your body RIGHT NOW!

Mindfulness, Stress & HeartMath Coaching

Struggle finding self care strategies that fit in your day? Tried several stress management techniques and nothing is helping? 
In these 1:1 coaching sessions, we will debunk the hype of self care and make it simple. We will develop a practice program that works for YOUR LIFE. We will work towards building resilience practices to lead to a life filled with more gratitude, joy, & compassion for self and others.

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It was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and a body
that have decided to be whole

Rupi Kaur


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